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Aston Villa 17/18 New kits!!

It’s finally here! The 17/18 Aston Villa home kit and away kt for the new season, and they look really nice.

Home Kit

Image result for aston villa new kit

There is some new details added to the new home kit is that Under Armour removed the collar and they added lions printed on the shirt which looks similar to Chelsea when they did the same. It looks a lot more comfortable then last season so it’s good for fans to wear and also for the players to wear on match day.

Rating: I feel out of 10 I think it’s a solid 9/10 because it the usual home kit for Villa and it always looks nice every season.

Away Kit

Away Splash Page  Story

Under Armour went from White to Black as they went back to black for the new season. They added a lovely claret mosaic design which look good with the black and now with the new sponsor on home kit and away kit which is UNIBET which look nice.

Rating: I’m giving this Kit a solid 8/10 because we are back to black and it looks so crisp and the design looks similar to the 2010/11 away kit.


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Aston Villa 16/17 Season Review

Image result for Aston Villa

Well guys this is it. The full review on the 2016/17 Championship season for Aston Villa FC.

Let’s rewind back to when we got relegated and our owner has finally sold the club to Dr Tony Xia and he had high ambitions which suggest that he want to make Villa to win the Champions League in five years.

We appointed Roberto Di Matteo which is a massive name as he won the Champions League with Chelsea and he’s had success as a player as well so at the tine it made sense to bring him in. We made some intresting signings in the summer with Tommy Elphick, Pierluigi Gollini and Aaron Tshbola which was nice signings at the time. We added more players to our squad in time for the first game against Sheffield Wednesday.

We lost the match but we have shown a lot of positives and after that we won 3-0 against Rotherham and it was all going well. Then we had a period when we were winning games and dominating them but we only grab one point rather then 3 points.

We sacked Di Matteo and we appointed Steve Bruce and he made an instant impact when we went 9 or 10 games unbeaten and climbing up the table with players such as Chester, Jedinak, Hutton and of course Kodija who has been brilliant this season with 19 goals i his first season which is incredible. One thing we noticed under Steve Bruce is when we were losing we don’t give up, we keep trying and trying until we get a goal and win the match.

January came around and it was the perfect time for Steve Bruce to bring the kind of players like Hourihane, Lansbury, Hogan and loads more players and we continue to get good results. January was arguably was our worse month on fixtures where we didn’t picked a single win I think in that month. Then as the season progressed we had four clean sheets in a row and also five wins in a row which was incredible. I think we had a decent season with good and bad luck, a lot of money spent and loads of positives.

who was 2 of our worst signings this season and 2 of our best signings this season.


For the 2 worst signings I would have to say Tommy Elphick and Ross McCormack. Why? Just Tommy Elphick started okay in the first few games but then he went out of form and when he got injured Baker came in and formed a partnership with Chester and clearly just flushed him out of the starting 11.

Image result for elphick

For McCormack he has being doing loads of mischief off the pitch with him not turning up to training and the worst excuse I’ve ever heard from a player if he is missing training, and that is his electric gate couldn’t work and can’t be asked to climb over.

Image result for mccormack


Our first signing of the season is of course Jonathan Kodija who’s has be clinical in front of goal with deadly pace, eye for goal and he is direct as well and no wonder he scored 19 goals this season.

Image result for james chester and kodjia

Another brilliant signing is James Chester who has been our best defender this season along with Nathan Baker. Steve Bruce knew him from Hull and It’s so good to see that because the relationship is special and he can work with him again.

Image result for james chester and kodjia

With Sunderland, Hull City and Boro relegated from the Premier League and Bolton, Sheffeild United and Millwall joining from League 1, I think next season will be entertaining and hope that Villa will win the league and be back in the Premier League.

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Aston Villa 1-0 Birmingham City| Gabby once again against the blues.

Ahhhh it feels good to beat our rivals. Aston Villa won 1-0 against a poor Birmingham City side.

Gabby Agbonlahor

1st half kicked off and it was a full house at Villa Park which is incredible and I think we should do that for all the home games for next season because it will be the season where we can build the full squad and go back to the Premier League.

We have to thank Zola who ruined the club and I feel sorry for Harry Redknapp because if Birmingham get relegated then it will ruin his reputation as a manager. I don’t think he will get the blues safe because they got an inform Huddersfield and Bristol City. Villa have got Blackburn away and we got the champions Brighton for the final home game of the season.

The first half was boring lets be honest nothing really happen apart from some tackles and arguments which is what you expect from a derby. Second half started and we tried to create some good chances and we made a substitution off goes Jack Grealish on goes Gabby Agbonlahor who’s record against Birmingham is impressive.

We had a corner, Lansbury whipped it in, the players were all over the place, it fell to one man that is Gabby Agbonlahor who reaction speed was phenomenal as he smashes the ball into the top corner as nearly 50,000 fans were celebrating a goal at last.

Also I want to say RIP to Villa legend Ugo Ehiogu who was incredible alongside McGrath in defence. I think we didn’t put in a good performance but we got the 3 points and it was a fitting tribute to Ugo who not only he was a brilliant defender he was a very nice human being.

Image result for ugo ehiogu

Maybe we can win the last two games but for me I want Blackburn to beat us and Birmingham to lose to Huddersfield and that would be celebration to see the scum in League One.

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Aston Villa FC| 5 Wins In A Row!!!!

Well this may be the first time saying this, but I believe that Aston Villa FC are back.

I know I might be over reacting a bit after beating Norwich 2-0 and then on Tuesday winning 1-0 against QPR and we have won 5 games in a row. But I believe that next season we will challenge to win the league to move us back to the Premier League where we belong.

The first man I have to thank is the owner Dr Tony Xia because since he bought Aston Villa he worked his socks off to transform the club from top to bottom. It took a while to fix because we tried Di Matteo and his staff but it didn’t work out but he has brought in players with quality like Kodija, Jedinak, Chester etc and that they have played in the Championship before. Unfortunately the results we had didn’t help him and Tony went to bring in another manager that man is Steve Bruce.

Since Steve Bruce came in it seems like the whole club has be resurrected after Villa went 9 or 10 games unbeaten and in January we brought in positive players that can strengthen the squad and hopefully the team that he has built can achieve the success we deserve at this football club. He managed to made James Chester our best centre half

since Melberg, Jedinak a leader in the midfield and made Johnathan Kodija our top scorer this season.

Speaking of Kodija I can’t remember a striker as clinical as him. He’s currently on 18 goals this season and I believe he’s been our signing of the season. He’s quick, skillful, strong, direct, likes to have a go with a shot on goal, good in the air when heading the ball so he had everything that a striker should have. I believe his partnership with Hogan will gel over time and they will be a force next season.

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Aston Villa 2-0 Sheffield Wednesday| Revenge from the first game of the season.

Jonathan Kodjia (left)

All I can say is Revenge is Sweet as remember from my last review when we lost 1-0 to them and now we won 2-0 which is our fourth win in 5 games.

Obviously I am delighted with this result as I’m looking forward to next season as I have purchased a season ticket to what this great club that is Aston Villa. First half started and we had a blow which is Henri Lansbury swapped out for Gardiner because he picked a knock in the warm up which is a big blow.

Wednesday had some good chances and had a goal which was ruled offside which was a relief around Villa Park, also they had chances and Johnstone did well to keep a clean sheet and Chester was brilliant today. The first goal came when a short corner played to Hourihane who crossed it in to Kodija who heads it brilliantly in the corner and it was 1-0 to us and we had more control and we could of scored more goals in the half.

Second half started and we suffered another injury to Nathan Baker who has been brilliant this season and it was replaced by someone who’s career has been revived by Steve Bruce in Alan Hutton and he put in a good shift as a CB. The game was dragging a bit and it went our way as Wednesday went down to 10 men as a defender caught Hourihane really late ad we had a chance to kill the game off. We did kill the game off as Adomah puts through Kodija who went round the keeper and a lovely composed finish to give us 3 points.

We need to keep pushing a hopefully finish top 10 and always look high and hopefully next season we will go back to where we belong which is the Premier League UTV!!!

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Rotherham Utd 0-2 Aston Villa| 3 wins in a row!!!

Jonathan Kodija

Another day and Another win for Aston Villa. It’s magical right now as Aston Villa 2-0 away to Rotherham United to make 3 wins in a row and also 3 clean sheets in a row.


We haven’t won 3 game sin a row since O’Neil’s last season at Villa so it is a long time and I’m really happy that we are climbing the table now we are above Birmingham City which is an amazing feeling.

We played well from start to finish with Bjarnason had chances, Hourihane had chances even Kodjia and Adomah had chances. It could of been 5-0 to Villa. I still don’t understand how it was 0-0 at half time because they pretty much had 11 men back for Rotherham.

Second half starts and it was exactly the same as the first half as Lansbury and Jedinak winning the ball back and we tried to put the ball the the back of the net. It did end up 1-0 when Kodjia crossed the ball in and it came off a Rotherham player and it just confirmed that Rotherham are terrible this season and they will get relegated this season. 17 points in 35 games is kinda disgraceful because Villa had this last season and I feel Rotherham have to rebuild in League One.

Then we had more shots on goal and it was made 2-0 when yet again Johnathan Kodija AKA Jimmy Danger who hits it perfectly pass the goalkeeper and that was his 13th goal for Villa and he is arguably Villa’s best signing this season. 

This season will be a roller coaster ride at the moment because it’s a battle for the play-offs and also battle to survive relegation, and I did say to loads of people that this league is one of the hardest leagues in Europe. We have began March with a win and we need to keep winning away games and hopefully finish in a positive position this season UTV!!!

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Aston Villa 2-0 Bristol City| Please Keep Kodija

Another Win for the Villa. Yes….. Aston Villa won 2-0 against Bristol City and I’m very happy about the result.

Jonathan Kodjia

We’ve actually have now got back to back wins and back to back clean sheets which will be good for Sam Johnstone. The game started and we started really well and we had a penalty which is massive for us to give us a boost of confidence. Kodija stepped up and……. he missed as he smashed the cross bar.

The Bristol City fans were being stupid as they are all the time by chanting saying to Kodija: “What a waste of money!”. I find it really stupid to say that because he’s our signing of the season and he’s scored 11 goals this season.

Well I say 11 goals but now it’s 12 because in the second Albert Adomah crossed the ball towards Kodija who guided the ball in the back of the net with his head and he did celebrate and, rightly so after the Bristol fans were booing him all game. The second goal came when Kodija won the ball of a defender, squared to Adomah who miskicked it and then Conor Hourihane netted his first goal for Aston Villa.

Your probably thinking “Why does the title say Please Keep Kodija”. Because he’s one of the most exciting players to watch and as a striker his soul purpose is to put the ball in the back of the net and he’s doing what a striker does. I love how he is so humble over twitter to his fans and that he’s always making the fans who paid money to go to Villa Park and he puts on a show.

Let’s keep this run going until the season finishes and hopefully beat Rotherham on the weekend to make 3 wins in a row for the first time in a long time UTV!!!!

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