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Captain Kane does it again!!

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More goals, more drama, and there’s plenty more to come so let’s start with England.

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England starts their World Cup with a bang after a late winner against Tunisia so kick off the group stage. Let’s be honest with each other here because in the first 20 minutes, it was the best England have looked in the world cup since 1998 as there were relentlessly attacking Tunisia and piling all the pressure on them and it paid off. Young corner goes and John Stones was denied by a world class save from the keeper but then the captain Harry Kane makes it 1-0 and the keeper had to come off with injury and I do feel sorry for him. But then the referee made a shocking error as the Tunisian player ran into Kyle Walker’s arm and hit the deck and a penalty was giving.

Tunisia made it 1-1 and it was sickening. Second half starts and we was still trying to break down their defence as they were playing for the point and they was actually cheating which is so disrespectful. But then in the last dying minutes, Trippier crosses the ball in Maguire heads it on and this was school boy defending from Tunisia as Harry Kane was unmarked and he heads it in, it’s 2-1 and the fans went absolutely ballistic.

Now to the rivals of England, Germany what a brilliant start to the World Cup.

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All I can say is Germany’s full backs were terrible, Lozano scored a brilliant goal and Germany had chance after chance and it won’t go in and it was embarrassing for Germany. Let’s not forget they are the reigning world champions and Mexico fond it easy against them. It was like Spain when they won the World Cup in 2010 but 4 years later in Brazil, Netherlands found it easy against Spain and they won 5-1. I do hope Germany get their act together because of they don’t win their next game it will be deep trouble for them as they are always tournament favourites and they always do well but is Joachim Low time at Germany over if Germany get knocked out, we will see.

Over to the team I support as it’s country I’m from which is Serbia

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Serbia started their world cup with a brilliant 1-0 win over Costa Rica. It’s a good start to us as we have been tipped to finish 2nd and we have some quality players and we have the quality to beat teams. First half was even as both teams had really good chances but nothing happend. But in the second half Serbia came out stronger and was creating beter chances to score. Mitrovic is being a nightmare for defenders as he was brought down for the free kick and step up Aleksandar Kolarov from 25 yards, curls in a beautiful free kick pass Navas and it was 1-0 to Serbia. A good start for Serbia and we need to play well against Switzerland after they drew 1-1 to favourites Brazil.

Now we are going to a nation that won and they could be the dark horses which is Belguim.

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Belguim started really well against the debut team that is Panama and had a brillaint first half in which they held Belguim 0-0. But the second half Panama tried but Belguim had more quality as it was proven when Napoli striker Mertens scored one of the goals of the tournament with an amazing volley and then Lukaku scored a brace and it was a comfortable win for them as I predicted them to do well in this tournament. As for Panama I knew they will be the whipping boys but they deserve so much credit for making it to the World Cup.

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The World Cup is better watching then Villa!

How’s everyone doing and I am back in the blogs but this time it’s different as It’s the World Cup and there’s already drama like no other.

Alan Hutton

Let’s start with some good news from Villa after some horrible news from the club over the last couple of weeks. Alan Hutton signs a new contract to the club which also cut’s his wages as well due to our financial problem at the moment. In my opinion Alan Hutton was washed up at Villa before Steve Bruce came in but over last season and the season that’s finish, he’s been the hard working footballer in our dressing room, he gives everything for that Villa shirt and to see him stay is phenomenal. As for Villa I don’t really care about what happen’s because I don’t think we will do well and Steve Bruce I’m not behind him and he should of left to Leeds but we are stuck with him.

Image result for russia 5-0 saudi arabia

Now the World Cup and it all kicked of with Russia (the host) smashing Saudi Arabia 5-0. I was actually so surprised considering that Russia never really play attractive football but in this game they blew me away. Gazinskiy scored to make it 1-0 the Cheryshev scored a brilliant second goal when he sent two defenders to the show and smashes it. Dzyuba made it 3-0 with a brillaint header then Cheryshev scored a fantastic Trevela shot into the top corner, and it was topped off when Golovin scored a free kick to make it 5-0 and for Saudi Arabia it could of been 6 or 7-0, it was embarrassing defending. That gives the host so much confidence going in to the game against Egypt as they lost to Uruguay 1-0 with Jose Gimenez with a bullet header in the 90th minute that reduces Mo Salah to tears.
Image result for egypt 01 Uruguay

Finally let’s move on to the biggest game of the World Cup so far with Portugal against Spain. It started well when Ronaldo was tripped in the box by Nacho and then Ronaldo makes it 1-0 with De Gea no chance. Then Busquets log ball up to Diego Costa who uses his strength well and he somehow got it in with a brilliant low shot to make it 1-1. Portugal took the lead again when Ronaldo’s low shot which De Gea spilled the it was 2-1, shocking from his standard as he is the best keeper in the world especially. Second half kicked off and Spain made it 2-2 as Diego Costa was in the right place as the confident is in the veins of the Spanish striker. Then suddenly, Spain took the lead when Nacho Fernandez when he turn from zero to hero, as he scored on the half volley and it curled in the back of the net and it was like Roberto Carlos in his prime. At this point I felt there’s no way back for Portugal as they win a free and who was their to make it 3-3 Cristiano Ronaldo who’s trademark free-kick which made De Gea stood still like a statue and they manage to grab a point. 

For the first two games of the World Cup it’s been some brilliant goals, drama and celebrations and there is going to be more dram in the coming days.

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Aston Villa 0-1 Fulham| Championship again!

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Disappointed, Gutted, Embarrassed. Three words to say how I feel after watching us struggle against Fulham, no disrespect to them because they deserved the win as they wanted it more then us and sh-owned more passion then us which baffles me.

I swear you will hear some positive Villa fans saying “Oh well, we got a day out at Wembley and we was against Fulham who are really good”. Listen I don’t care about Fulham. We are Aston Villa FC so start acting like a big club because we are like a average Championship side and I don’t want to see that at all. Steve Bruce there’s been questions about you since you came to Villa and questions about the performances and no one seems to acknowledge the fact your football is rubbish, slow and pathetic.

The team was strong, I grant you that it was the way Steve Bruce want’s them to play and the first half we sat deep and allowed Fulham to attack, attack and attack  which lead to the first goal from Tom Cairney. I saw our team playing as if they didn’t care in the first half and Steve Bruce has to kick them up the back side to perform in the second half. We tried to fight in the second half but it was too late as I see us no creating anything and we didn’t make a change until the 77th minute which made me question the logic of Steve Bruce and I was frustrated that his tactics lost us a perfect chance to be a Premier League team again.

Next Season I have no hope for us anymore as this was the perfect chance to get us back but now I don’t care like I’ll still go to the games, I love Villa but Steve Bruce I don’t care about his reputation and his press conferences because I want a manager to brighten up the players and show some “Proper” football and bring real quality into the sqaud because West Brom, Stoke, Leeds and Swansea will have good chances and we need to show to everyone we are a Premier League club, but with Steve Bruce we are a championship and at the moment we are the next Leeds which hurts. Loads of Villa fans turned up at Wembley and spend loads of money and they think that it’s acceptable to perform like dogshit like we have been all season.

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Aston Villa 1-1 Derby County| Goodbye Gabby!

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Well last home game of the season and it ended with a point to separate the sides. It was a frustrating game as we can’t do anything right now to get automatic promotion, but maintain the playoff place and make sure our best players are fit for crunch time.

It all started badly as Derby were on or tail as they are also chasing playoffs so we needed to keep it tight first 20 minutes and contain them but 14 minutes gone and we was 1-0 down and who was to blame. Neil Taylor. Who allowed Weimann to steal the ball of him and not make any effort to track on him, and Weimann squared it to Jerome who scored an easy goal. A lot of people were slagging Taylor and rightly so as he’s been poor this season and he had to come off and Hutton put more effort then him.

After that we were pressing Derby to gain some confidence and try to comeback, but Derby just sat back with big Curtis Davies who was winning every header and it was sign that in the second half we will get a result. Second half started and Derby did the same, men behind the ball and invite the pressure which we did. Kodjia came on and it was all Aston Villa as we kept looking for a goal to spark a comeback. But then A short corner from Grealish to Hourihane, who’s first time shot brings a save from the keeper, the ball was bouncing all over the place, Terry passes it to a man I’ve back since day on of his arrival which is Lewis Grabban who grabbed the goal we deserved and Villa Park erupts.

Image result for gabby aston villa

The game end’s 1-1 and it was emotional as it’s last time we see Gabby Agbonlahor at Aston Villa. The man that made me support the club and he made records, scored goals, and been loyal for such a long time and we say thank you Gabby for the memories you have given us to cherish and young Villa fans will see him as an idol to many and they will look up to him as a legend at the club.

Playoff time and we may get either Cardiff or Fulham in the last day and we will have to be fitter, better stronger to beat the teams and we will get Premier League status once again UTV!!

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Aston Villa 4-1 Wolves| Take a Bow Steve Bruce!!

Wow, wow, wow What an incredible performance from Aston Villa we bullied Wolves from minute 1 to minute 90.

Image result for aston villa 4-1 wolves

Don’t lie we all thought Wolves was gonna smash us as they are top of the league, but it was us that caused the problems when we won a corner in the 8th minute. Snodgrass crosses it in and Jedinak helped it on and it bouncing round in the box and who better to put it in the net was Albert Adomah in front of the Holte End.

The fans were driving the team on the keep it going because this win will be extremely important for this season because it will put pressure on Wolves and of course Cardiff. Wolves did hit it back with another scrappy goal from Diego Jota which sent the Wolves fans mad and they was mocking us. Half time came and I was happy because normally i would be worried because Wolves got the equaliser and they will dominate the second half.

Second half started and it was us that came out and we battered Wolves and they didn’t have any good chances. Our pressure paid off as we won a free kick and Snodgrass crossed it in to Chester who was unmarked and set the Villa crowd into euphoria and it was 2-1. The Grealish played a beautiful weighted pass towards Adomah as he sends the ball in towards Grabban who finish it superbly to make it 3-1. Grabban has scored 4 in his last 4 games and he has started his life at Villa fantastically well, he’s definitely gonna help us this season to get us back but there is still a long way to go. Then Birkir Bjarnason who came on to rub salt into the wounds of the Wolves fans, he went pass one then another and then another and then he toe poked it from 18 yards to make it 4-1 and I was so happy for Birkir Bjarnason. So many people slagged him off and he wanted to leave the club, but he had really good games as a defensive midfielder and he came on a few times and now he scoring goals it shows that he could be important to us this season.

I have to give credit to Steve Bruce as he outclassed Nuno and his Wolves side who have been smashing teams lately. But in this game we dominated Wolves and kept Cavaleiro, Costa, Jota and in my opinion one of the signings of the season in Ruben Neves. We have QPR on Tuesday and we need to win that keep on the pressure on Wolves and Cardiff and maybe we can get the title but let’s hope for automatic promotion. UTV!!!!

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Sheffield Wednesday 2-4 Aston Villa| I love being proved wrong!!!

Aston Villa celebrate a goal by Lewis Grabban (right)

This has made my day this is why I love football as it can make you feel down when you lose but then a certain change when the team you support turn it round and win the game to make you feel happy emotions.

As the title said “I loved being proved wrong”  because I said the team selection was wrong from the players that started and it got off to the worst start when Clare found the bottom corner brilliantly and we was 1-0 down, but we responded with a couple of scuffles in the box but Grabban stabbed it in to make it 1-1 which made me relax. Grabban is gonna be a help to us when there’s 2 months left of the season and we need to keep pressure on Cardiff. Then I was worred when Lucus Joao (which was one of the players we need to watch) made it 2-1 just before half time but we was still in that game which was good.

Second half starts and suddenly we put so much pressure on Sheff Wed and it paid off and I have to say this, Sheffield Wednesday how can you let Glenn Whelan score. It’s ironic because there’s people who hate it when I criticised Glenn Whelan but I don’t think he does a better job then Jedinak and Bjarnason. He can’t pass, cant tackle and doesn’t protect the defence in Terry and Chester. Then it was 3-2 not to Sheffield Wednesday but to Aston Villa when the ball fall to Conor Hourihane who hits it on the half-volley into the bottom corner and then passion he showed and what that goal meant to us is that we don’t have a never say die attitude which I feel we haven’t had that in a while. It was made 4-2 when Snodgrass converted his penalty from the spot and it was an amazing comeback from the boys.

This is why I love football because it can gives you feeling that you will never have when you your team is losing and they comeback and win the game. Let’s hope this can mean for when we fight for 2nd to avoid the tough teams that are in the Play-off’s and we would need to invest heavily in the squad when we are in the Premier League UTV!!

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Aston Villa 1-1 Preston North End|I Give The Team No Credit At All

Why would I give credit to the team after that performance.

Lewis Grabban scores a penalty for Aston Villa

I mean we drop more points again and Derby and Cardiff will get results and it will take a miracle to get automatic promotion. Steve Bruce I know you had a tough time in your personal life but you can’t escape the fact the team selection was wrong again and it was embarrassing and frustrating that game, and we made Preston look like Barcelona.

Yes we had chances in the first half but they were just pot shots and Preston their shots have paid off when they go 1-0 up when Barkhuizen puts it past Johnstone from a corner. I was angry because it’s not the first time that we make the teams in this league play like it’s final of the champions league and we should be the big boys in the championship and kill teams like what Wolves are doing now. Second half starts and we came out we sub off Snodgrass for Lewis Grabban, and we was trying to get back to the game and it paid off when Kienan Davis was brought down and in my opinion, it was so soft as it was a shoulder charge and Davis went down soft but Grabban stepped up. He coolly slots it for his first goal for the club and it could mean a lot.

It ended 1-1 and we was lucky to get a point and Preston were really good in them chasing the play off as well so the top 6 is very tight as we don’t know who will finished 2nd and who to finish in the play offs. Let’s hope Sheffield Wednesday will give us 3 points and we will catch Cardiff UTV!!

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