Aston Villa FC| 5 Wins In A Row!!!!

Well this may be the first time saying this, but I believe that Aston Villa FC are back.

I know I might be over reacting a bit after beating Norwich 2-0 and then on Tuesday winning 1-0 against QPR and we have won 5 games in a row. But I believe that next season we will challenge to win the league to move us back to the Premier League where we belong.

The first man I have to thank is the owner Dr Tony Xia because since he bought Aston Villa he worked his socks off to transform the club from top to bottom. It took a while to fix because we tried Di Matteo and his staff but it didn’t work out but he has brought in players with quality like Kodija, Jedinak, Chester etc and that they have played in the Championship before. Unfortunately the results we had didn’t help him and Tony went to bring in another manager that man is Steve Bruce.

Since Steve Bruce came in it seems like the whole club has be resurrected after Villa went 9 or 10 games unbeaten and in January we brought in positive players that can strengthen the squad and hopefully the team that he has built can achieve the success we deserve at this football club. He managed to made James Chester our best centre half

since Melberg, Jedinak a leader in the midfield and made Johnathan Kodija our top scorer this season.

Speaking of Kodija I can’t remember a striker as clinical as him. He’s currently on 18 goals this season and I believe he’s been our signing of the season. He’s quick, skillful, strong, direct, likes to have a go with a shot on goal, good in the air when heading the ball so he had everything that a striker should have. I believe his partnership with Hogan will gel over time and they will be a force next season.

Before I go I want to say thank you for supporting me, viewing, liking and I feel that all  do is Aston Villa reviews and I haven’t done my usual Premier League predictions in such a long time but I thought to myself I will do my predictions again for the Premier League but I will be doing Aston Villa reviews as always. As long as you keep supporting me and I’ll be happy inside and out


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