Derby County 0-3 Aston Villa|Dean Smith is Manager of the Month!!

John McGinn scores for Aston Villa

Well well well who’s missing Steve Bruce now people because Dean Smith collected is Manager of the Month award for transforming Aston Villa’s fortunes and we beat a very good Derby team 3-0.

It was one of those games where most of us fans would take a draw against a team like Derby who ware flying at the moment under Frank Lampard so we need to make sure they don’t punish us but in this game it was a tough first half for us and Derby County. A 0-0 first half is something to cherish as it was time for the squad to get into the changing rooms and discuss how to break these teams down and in the second half we were trying to tear Derby apart and it only took to only one man to break the deadlock.

Bolasie storms down the left in which he whipped a cross in and Super John McGinniesta who head the ball passed Carson to make it 1-0. Then after three minutes later McGinn crossed it in from the left again and then Abraham continues his form with a brilliant header to make it 2-0 to in what we thought was game over. But all of a sudden another free kick wonder from the the mastermind Hourihane sealed all three points and it was our best performance of the season so far.

Overall it was a very good performance from Aston Villa and something that can build on as there’s not a lot of points between us and the play offs so it can happen for us this season. The international break is upon us now and onward its the derby against Birmingham and we will show we are the pride of the midlands.

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Aston Villa 1-0 Swansea City|Aperfect day to remember Sir Doug Ellis

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Well there is a lot to talk about over this as I will talk about the game, our new manager Dean Smith and remembering Sir Doug Ellis so let’s get cracking with the game.

Starting with the lineup and it was a brilliant starting 11, I know some idiots saying it’s like a Bruce team etc and it wasn’t and you really want to know why? Everyone was in the right position end of. Next the style of play, it’s extremely different and a breath of fresh air as we played positive football and we was attacking Swansea. We played it from the back and our defenders were organised and well disciplined in which we have to thank John Terry for his defensive qualities as a coach. The attacking football we played was brilliant but it will take time for these players to settle to the tactics Dean wants to play but it will get better.

Elmo crossed the ball in the box and Tammy Abraham made it 1-0 with a really good header in the bottom corner. Everyone played well, Nyland made some key saves. McGinn was on steroids that game and he will be missed against Norwich. We could of won like 3-0 or 4-0 but other then that we dominated and deserved the victory and it was a great day for Dean Smith. Speaking of Dean Smith, let’s talk about his appointment. I was excited about this appointment as he was doing a great job at Brentford and he’s a Villa fa born in West Bromwich, but he wasn’t my first choice but I was so glad we got an attack minded manager like Dean Smith with all the quality upfront for us we can do things this season.

So before I go I want to say rest in peace to Sir Doug Ellis who was loved by all Villa fans and his family and this game was all for Doug Ellis as he was such an icon to many people and shows what a fantastic club Aston Villa is and how much we need to support Dean Smith from now to the end of the season.

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Khabib VS McGregor UFC Fight Review!

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This blog might be different then usual, to get away from Villa and now that clown Steve Bruce is gone, I’ve decided to talk about the fight that happened last night rather then The Millwall Game. I know people will say “You said you will do Villa review blogs all the time but how can I when it will be the same I said last week and the week before so there’s no point. Now to UFC. UFC or MMA is my third Favourite sport along with Football and Tennis and also includes Boxing.

But we are gonna talk about the fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor. Both brilliant fighter go head to head in one of the most anticipated fights in UFC history, but let’s be honest it was a disappointment. Let’s be honest we all know they hate each other inside and outside of the Octegon but there’s line and Khabib crossed that line and I’ll explain later on in this blog. There’s a saying in UFC: “Style’s make fights” and from this match Khabib’s style absolutely flawed McGregor

McGregor is all about the jabs and punches and we all know he’s the best at it and he’s won multiple belts and become an inspiration to upcoming UFC fighters and also he’s fucking hilarious in press conferences. Khabib in the other hand doesn’t need to do all jab and kicks etc, he’s one of the best in wrestling opponents to the ground and strangles them until they tap out and that’s what happened as Khabib flawed McGregor and he won respectively. What happened afterwards was disrespectful from Khabib and his team. I know McGregor said some things to Khabib about his family and religion which is uncalled for but that’s his character that we’ve been seeing for years and Khabib decided to not only beat McGregor but climbed the gate and attacked McGregor and not only that Khabib’s team attacked McGregor in the cage which was not needed at all.

It was a disgrace from both fighters but Khabib was a scumbag over his actions and they say “Actions Speak Louder Then Words and Khabib’s actions has created some thing that will ruin his reputation. Let’s hope maybe a rematch in which Conor is offering but who knows what will happen in the UFC world but there will be a big boxing fight between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder which will be a war hopefully.

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Steve Bruce is gone!!!!

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After all my blogs of ripping into Steve Bruce, and I knew it was gonna happen after the 3-3 draw with Preston because we was 2-0 up and we fucked it up again. Every blog I’ve made was literally exposing Steve Bruce and it was ridiculed at time by his supporters and now they realise why he needed to go.

This man came to this club with an reputation in bringing teams to the Premier League. Hull, Sunderland, Birmingham and Wigan and what do those clubs have in common, low expectations. This man does not meet the expectations of the club and the fans and he has become a fraud rather then a legend and now he will be sitting at home with his pet cabbage and he can retire as his football is out of date.

It was coming but I thought he should of got sacked after the 4-1 defeat to Sheffield United but now he’s gone and now we need to look for a new man with new ideas and hope to unite us fans together and get better results. I do wish him good luck not in management but in retirement because if you get sacked by a club the size of Aston Villa then no one will go for you that’s it. We are now linked with a few managers but there’s one that we are heavenly linked with this manager called Paulo Fonseca who’s 45 and he has links with Jorge Mendes. He seems to be a good choice but we don’t know because they need to employ the right man for this club.

But hey it’s happened and we will move on and I know this is a short blog but I know the Match reviews will be continuing and I will be adding Top 5’s that could be Villa related or just general football related which could be different to do to get away from Villa sadness.

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Aston Villa 1-2 Sheffield Wednesday|Owners, listen to us, Sack Steve Bruce

Well all I can say is what did I say in the last blog. In the last blog I said the win over Rotherham is only papering over the cracks over Steve Bruce’s future and now he is on the verge of getting sacked.

I knew this will happen and it’s the same old Steve Bruce shit football and I’m sick to death of it. Like I’ve been saying for the last few blogs that he’s a dinosaur, he has no plan B and he is clutching his way so he can tell the fans to shut the fuck up and I will prove you all wrong. Blaming the fans rather then himself in which he’s been doing that for a while now, and then I heard that he will never walk away, but in reality the owners will give him the sack and there’s nothing he can do about it,

It started with us being slow and Sheffield winning every ball and we should of got punished but we made it to the first half with the score 0-0. How many times have we seen us dominate by the opposition and how many times we have gone to 0-0 half times, we are pathetic and scared and I don’t understand why Steve Bruce has all the creativity in his disposal and they don’t create or attack like we use to see under Martin O’Neil and even under Tim Sherwood when he first came in we would attack, have a go and give 110% before we got relegated. Steve Bruce has had two years to develop a squad to compete and get us out of this league and every-time we see us going backwards and we have not made any progression under him, and don’t say “we got in the play off final and lost” because that’s not progression.

Progression is Steve Bruce and his staff to leave the club and then we can progress and move forward. Second half started and we had one of the worst starts as 4 minutes in and we went 1-0 down and it was expected as we made no shots on target in the first half (Again). But then our first shot on target was worth a wait as Super John Mcginniesta scored one of the goals of the season (if not THE best goal of the season) with one of the most difficult volley’s a footballer can do, as he turns his body and puts his laces on it and thundertwats it off the crossbar and in and it was in front of the Holte End and it was magical. But it was only short lived as our defence was shambolic as Steve Fletcher heads it past Nyland to make it 2-1 and what did we do. Fuck ALL!!!

I remember when back then I was saying Steve Bruce needs to go and these Bruce In brainless fans always abuse me calling me, Dickhead, “fake fan”, “go die” all that rubbish. Now I’m still saying and now people are finally realising that I was right all along and now we all want him gone. There are managers available, take your pick as Bilic, Raneiri, Koeman etc that have better credentials then Steve Bruce and his time is done and he should of gone in May after the play-off final. So owners please listen to us as we need a breath of fresh air as we need a new manager to give us optimism and hope that we can get us out this league because with Bruce in charge we are going nowhere.

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Aston Villa 2-0 Rotherham| Papering Over Cracks!

Tammy Abraham.

Before anyone comes at me with this blog, I’m saying the truth here and I want other fans to acknowledge that this results just papers over the cracks for Steve Bruce’s future at Aston Villa. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy we won the match to somehow gain confidence coming to the following games coming up.

But one result doesn’t solve our problem that is Steve Bruce because we were not great against Rotherham, like if they would of too their chances then this would of been a different game and Bruce would of been sacked, but still he’s here for a little while longer but it won’t last. We actually changed the system for once and played 2 strikers for once which is once in a blue moon when Steve Bruce is manager. There was a few positives from this game with Abraham and Kodija looking good together considering Kodija set up Abraham to score to make it 1-0. I’m very impressed with Abraham so far for Villa, considering he was brilliant when he was last in the Championship with Bristol City scoring 23 goals, but I feel he will score loads of goals for us if he continues his form.

Hourihane did well in the midfield with John McGinn after a superb free kick agaisnt Blackburn. McGinn has got a lot to his game then just score goals with his incredible work rate and non stop pressing of opponents and he will become a fan favourite even though he’s already a fan favourite at Villa. I know you guys will go at me because I’m being negative but all I’m saying is relax, it’s 3 points, we move on and you get fans after the game saying Bruce should stay even though they were asking Bruce to leave last game and those set of fans are fickle. I’m happy that we won but that isn’t enough for me because Steve Bruce is still here and I want change because we are not going to move forward with him in charge.

Another positive is Bolasie, he came on and he scored the second goal to make it comfortable for us and give Rotherham no chance. The new players are settling in well and they will get better every game but they might have a bad game but they will We move on to Sheffield Wednesday as we look keep the momentum and maybe we can clinch play offs which what I don’t want because I want Second spot and ease my way into the Premier League.

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Blackburn 1-1 Aston Villa|We were lucky!

Conor Hourihane scores for Aston Villa

Well well well, it’s been almost 2 weeks since we lost 4-1 to Sheffield United and we have one game to prepare for. Blackburn, and that was how we set out. 2 weeks gone and we are still shit and I cant be asked with this anymore.

Steve Bruce needs to go because he is riding his own luck and he’s making us a mid table championship side but in actual fact we should be contenders to compete the likes of Leeds, West Brom etc to get back to the Premier League. He put a strong side out there today with a very strong bench as well but we have so much creativity and attacking flair but a manager that his living in the past with playing one up front in 2018 and not getting the best out of these players. I understand the players have to take responsibility for the performance and the manager has to be blamed as well because he his making shit load of excuses and saying “It’s still a working progress”, but we all can say the only way to progress is to call the taxi for Steve Bruce and bring a manager with new ideas to lighten up the mood within the players and the fans like myself.

First half we was poor and Blackburn grew into the game and we are making them look average and this is Blackburn Rovers. no offence but if you want to compete, you need to hammer the teams like Blackburn or Rotherham etc. We actually layed Axel as a CB and Jedinak as a CM which is like rare because it’s  the first time Steve Bruce actually listened to the fans for once when it comes to tactics. McGinn should have had a penalty in the first but did we deserve anything from this game because us fans are looking for change and to be honest nothing has changed just the same old shit.

We haven’t won in our last 6 games and we are already playing catch up because we have faced Reading, Sheffield United, Ipswich and now Blackburn and we can’t win and we call ourselves a big club. Steve Bruce is making us a laughing stock with his shit tactics, shit excuses and now we have a must win game against Rotherham and if we don’t win this game then Steve Bruce has to go and it will good fucking riddance.

A few positives from this game with Abraham looking solid and Hourihane curled a fucking beauty to save us from embarrassment but apart from that we are still shite. BRUCE OUT!!

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