Aston Villa 2-0 Rotherham| Papering Over Cracks!

Tammy Abraham.

Before anyone comes at me with this blog, I’m saying the truth here and I want other fans to acknowledge that this results just papers over the cracks for Steve Bruce’s future at Aston Villa. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy we won the match to somehow gain confidence coming to the following games coming up.

But one result doesn’t solve our problem that is Steve Bruce because we were not great against Rotherham, like if they would of too their chances then this would of been a different game and Bruce would of been sacked, but still he’s here for a little while longer but it won’t last. We actually changed the system for once and played 2 strikers for once which is once in a blue moon when Steve Bruce is manager. There was a few positives from this game with Abraham and Kodija looking good together considering Kodija set up Abraham to score to make it 1-0. I’m very impressed with Abraham so far for Villa, considering he was brilliant when he was last in the Championship with Bristol City scoring 23 goals, but I feel he will score loads of goals for us if he continues his form.

Hourihane did well in the midfield with John McGinn after a superb free kick agaisnt Blackburn. McGinn has got a lot to his game then just score goals with his incredible work rate and non stop pressing of opponents and he will become a fan favourite even though he’s already a fan favourite at Villa. I know you guys will go at me because I’m being negative but all I’m saying is relax, it’s 3 points, we move on and you get fans after the game saying Bruce should stay even though they were asking Bruce to leave last game and those set of fans are fickle. I’m happy that we won but that isn’t enough for me because Steve Bruce is still here and I want change because we are not going to move forward with him in charge.

Another positive is Bolasie, he came on and he scored the second goal to make it comfortable for us and give Rotherham no chance. The new players are settling in well and they will get better every game but they might have a bad game but they will We move on to Sheffield Wednesday as we look keep the momentum and maybe we can clinch play offs which what I don’t want because I want Second spot and ease my way into the Premier League.

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Blackburn 1-1 Aston Villa|We were lucky!

Conor Hourihane scores for Aston Villa

Well well well, it’s been almost 2 weeks since we lost 4-1 to Sheffield United and we have one game to prepare for. Blackburn, and that was how we set out. 2 weeks gone and we are still shit and I cant be asked with this anymore.

Steve Bruce needs to go because he is riding his own luck and he’s making us a mid table championship side but in actual fact we should be contenders to compete the likes of Leeds, West Brom etc to get back to the Premier League. He put a strong side out there today with a very strong bench as well but we have so much creativity and attacking flair but a manager that his living in the past with playing one up front in 2018 and not getting the best out of these players. I understand the players have to take responsibility for the performance and the manager has to be blamed as well because he his making shit load of excuses and saying “It’s still a working progress”, but we all can say the only way to progress is to call the taxi for Steve Bruce and bring a manager with new ideas to lighten up the mood within the players and the fans like myself.

First half we was poor and Blackburn grew into the game and we are making them look average and this is Blackburn Rovers. no offence but if you want to compete, you need to hammer the teams like Blackburn or Rotherham etc. We actually layed Axel as a CB and Jedinak as a CM which is like rare because it’s  the first time Steve Bruce actually listened to the fans for once when it comes to tactics. McGinn should have had a penalty in the first but did we deserve anything from this game because us fans are looking for change and to be honest nothing has changed just the same old shit.

We haven’t won in our last 6 games and we are already playing catch up because we have faced Reading, Sheffield United, Ipswich and now Blackburn and we can’t win and we call ourselves a big club. Steve Bruce is making us a laughing stock with his shit tactics, shit excuses and now we have a must win game against Rotherham and if we don’t win this game then Steve Bruce has to go and it will good fucking riddance.

A few positives from this game with Abraham looking solid and Hourihane curled a fucking beauty to save us from embarrassment but apart from that we are still shite. BRUCE OUT!!

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Sheffield United 4-1 Aston Villa| Sack Bruce Now!!!!

Aston Villa boss Steve Bruce

What can I say about this and how can I defend our performance but all I want to say is congratulations to Sheffield United who outplayed us and was first to every ball and they played a better brand of football to make their fans happy.

But let’s talk about Villa they were disgraceful, absolute disgraceful, everyone on that pitch apart from Nyland and El Ghazi were the only players to come out and apologise to the fans but then you got Steve Bruce saying “I do know what I’m doing” and when I heard that I just laughed. He has no clue what he is doing when he is playing Jedinak as a CB, Tuanzebe as a RB and loaning Elphick and Green out. I’m sick to death of his excuses and I want to hear his excuse of dropping Bjarnason who was brilliant against Reading for Whelan who has been shite since he came to our club.

Never in my life have I been less confident in a Villa VS Sheff United game and I was speaking to other fans and they say the same thing “We will lose”, some fans put “We will win” but I feel they was feeling optimistic but we all know we will lose considering how poor we have been this season. I knew a defeat will come round the corner and this defeat has exposed the dinosaur that is Steve Bruce. I don’t even want to talk about the game because it was no point talking about our chances because at half time we was 3-0 down!! Don’t talk to me about Jack Grealish because he is only playing for himself okay don’t give me stats about his pass completion because has he assisted someone. No. Has he score goals. No. Also has he played well. No, so don’t gas up about Grealish because he needs to step up and be our talisman

Rumours of John Terry returning to the club to save Steve Bruce at Aston Villa but let’s be honest, we will all be very glad if he comes back because Jedinak is useless but it will paper over cracks for Steve Bruce’s future at this club because he can’t take us forward where we need to be. We need a new manager with new ideas because we have a squad we can build on with the new owners with ambitions. We have an international break now so we can hope the boys come back with desire and we can get back on track with the season.

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Aston Villa 1-1 Reading| Disappointed!!!!

Reading's Sam Baldock (right)

3 games, 3 draws and really if we want to get out of this league then we need to beat teams like Reading. The blame has to put on to Steve Bruce because he put a strong side and no one really played bad. It was a really attacking side and El Ghazi made his debut and he was really good in this game. McGinn was working so hard in this game, Jedinak looked like a CB for a change and Bjarnason was fantastic but another player or goalkeeper who was fantastic, Nyland.

Nyland was keeping us in this game with unbelievable saves yet again. You can tell the confidence is there and I said for a while that he will come good and it’s happened. A lot of people did give this guy stick but he doesn’t deserve the stick because we have a defence that a clueless man in Steve Bruce has set up to invite pressure towards Nyland and without him we will be losing more then ever. It was 0-0 at half time and really with the amount of chances but our finishing and our decision making was so poor. That will come with more training sessions for crucial games coming up. Second half starts and the same as ever we don’t change it up to exploit the weaknesses in Reading’s defence and this has been my problem with Steve Bruce as he never seems to have a Plan B when it comes to breaking a team down and let’s be honest every manager needs a plan B if plan A doesn’t work, otherwise we are screwed.

Two new players have recently came to Villa in El Ghazi and Bolasie who I’m very excited to see at Villa this season. Anwar El Ghazi who made his debut and he was so confident and what I was surprised about was he wasn’t nervous when playing in-front of 33,000 people and his confidence was incredible. He was the man who got villa and running with a brilliant cross in which Elmo met really well to make it 1-0. We were all so happy and we were shouting “go again, make it 2, make it 3 kill them off”. But that’s another problem with Steve Bruce, is that he instructs playing sit on a 1-0 lead and this is Aston Villa. I want us to be an attacking side and blow teams away with the amount of quality we have in our disposal but Bruce doesn’t let players express themselves a lot on the pitch.

It was a nervy game as we was hoping we can clinch the victory here but why did they take Kodija off for Taylor which is dinosaur tactics written all over it as we were sitting on a 1-0 lead. Then James Chester with as tackles go, one of the dumbest challenges you will see as it was no trouble whatsoever and he panicked at the wrong time and it was a penalty in which Baldock made it 1-1 and it was what we deserved. We shouldn’t be dropping points to these relegation battling sides as we need to show what we are this season with new players, new owners and optimism around the club but with the same manager, sane tactics and same dogshit performances as we go to Sheffield United next Saturday and if we don’t win that then it will be doom again.

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Ipswich 1-1 Aston Villa| New Era, Same Old Shit

Image result for Ipswich 1-1 Aston villa 2018

What can I say, we’ve been seeing this time and time again under Steve Bruce. I’m sure every Villa fan has been in the hype after winning three games including the cup win over Yeovil. I sat there and said we haven’t been playing well and still pick up points but the cracks are still there and then it happened as we drew 1-1 against Ipswich who were down to 10 men.

The line up was wrong and as I said about Steve Bruce is clueless as it was the same team as it was against Wigan so your probably thinking “Uhh that’s a good side” and then you remembered Jedinak was a CB again and Tuanzebe who was good against Yeovil as a CB and he was playing RB again. The first twenty minutes we were the better side in terms actually playing football for once as McGinn was brilliant yet again with a lovely cross towards Kodija and makes it 1-0 with a header. I was really happy for Kodija as so many Villa fans were giving him stick and he didn’t have any confidence but now that confidence is restored and I’m sure he will score more this season.

The equaliser came when Nyland came towards the ball to catch it in mid air but the ball slipped out of his hands due to pressure from the Ipswich and Villa players, and Chalobah puts it in the bottom corner in which Hutton should of done better on the line. I saw so many people complaining about Nyland and yes he was poor but it was one game he was poor and he will get better over time as he’s never played in England before and some fickle fans will treat him like they did with Gollini so give him a chance. Ipswich went down to 10 men we thought to ourselves “We can maybe capitulise on this and break this team down and win” but that’s something Steve Bruce doesn’t do because we came out the same as the first half just no clinical finishing again and our fans being close to a heart attack when you watch Jedinak as a CB. He never has a plan B when it come to break a team down and if plan A doesn’t work then we are in deep shit and we was playing long ball to Kodija who’s not that kind of player.

Brentford on Wednesday night and Reading on the weekend are important games to get points to compete with Leeds, Boro etc. Steve Bruce needs to change a few tactics around because McGinn has been brilliant for two games, Kodija is in form at the right time which is good, I thought Bjarnason shouldn’t come off and Tuanzebe should be CB instead of Jedinak because his time is done. Also soon if we don’t challenge then Steve Bruce his time will be done. We need to pick these points to keep up with other teams to hopefully win the league or 2nd place because I won’t except play offs.

Let’s hope for some better performances this season and back the boys for 90 minutes UTV.

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Aston Villa 3-2 Wigan|Bjarnason!!!!!!

Jack Grealish was making his first appearance since the collapse of his proposed transfer window move to Tottenham Hotspur

Well another win under our belt so far this season as Aston Villa came from 2-1 down to win 3-2 against Wigan Athletic.

It was a very tough day as we was facing a team that won the League 1 title and also they beat Man City last season in the FA Cup so I was kinda nervous but at the same time I was confident we can win this game.

When I saw the starting 11, I was happy to see the new signings in Nyland and McGinn to see what they are like but I was nervous when Jedinak was CB alongside Chester and we all know that Jedinak can’t play there and Tuanzebe is not a RB but the rest of the team looked solid. The first goal came when McGinn whipped a ball in from a free-kick and Chester arrived to make it 1-0. McGinn was absolutly brilliant on his debut as he was the hardest working in the team today, not afraid to tackle and he wasn’t afraid to take on players and try to score as well. He looks like he could be a favourite among the Villa faithful.

The one player who will become a Villa favourite soon is Nyland because he didn’t do much wrong on his debut, Jedinak was the fault for Wigan’s equaliser so Nyland shouldn’t get any stick as he is settling in to a new league and new country and he will come good hopefully. I just didn’t understand why Bruce played Jedinak as a CB when Elphick who scored in the last game was on the bench for this game which was weird to see because Jedinak is useless as a CB.

Second half started and I was frustrated as Wigan took the lead when Jedinak again lost his marker and Nyland didn’t stand a chance to stop the header from Connolly. 8 minutes later and McGinn crossed the ball in and Wigan tried to clear but Dunkley couldn’t do anything as it was his own goal to make it 2-2 and we are back in the game. It was neck and neck with us and Wigan created good chances to win the game but in last additional minutes of the 90, Birkir Bjarnason who arrived where we need him when Hourihane the substitute who picked him and Bjarnason stabbed it in the snatched the 3 points. This is why Bjarnason should start ahead of Whelan because oviously he’s a better player then Whelan and I don’t want to be harsh but Whelan is useless. Bjarnason worked his socks off today and he did made a few mistakes but he was still working and he got his award.

So 6 points out of 6 and it was a great start for us but let’s not get carried away as it’s august and there’s loads of games to go through to see if we are going up or not. Let’s enjoy the journey again and let’s get behind the team and maybe this could be our year UTV!!!

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Premier League 18/19 Table Predictions

Image result for premier league 18/19

The football season is almost here and I will do an 2018/19 Premier League predictions blog.

Let’s start with the bottom who are the teams that will not perform well and let the fans down.

20th: Cardiff City

I just feel that Cardiff are everyone’s team to get relegated because of a 3 things. 1 is Neil Warnock who looks like a witch, 2 their haven’t strengthen the squad and finally their corrupted owner. So I’m putting Cardiff there as they were lucky to go up in my opinion.

19th: Huddersfield Town

Before their fans start to have a go at me, hear me out. I feel they will suffer second season syndrome where they just about survived last season and I feel they will go down but not like they will give up but they don’t have enough quality and also a goalscorer who can keep them up. I do like their manager and I think he’s done a fantastic job but if they do sack him then they will never go back up in my opinion.

18th: Burnley

I know that they were brilliant last season and they’ve qualified for Europe as well. Sean Dyche is a good manager and they have a good squad of players, but if they do go on in Europe then The Europa League is a season killer as it can mess their season up as they don’t have enough players to play in the league and Europe. But I put them at 18th because I think they can survived as they have a fighting chance.

Now we are doing from 17th to 13 which is teams that are not great but they are not bad enough to get relegated.

17th: Crystal Palace

This team was on the brink of getting relegated last season but then Roy Hodgson saved them but I feel they will find it difficult this time as they might lose Benteke and their key player in Zaha which might see Palace relegated but their manager knows how to get teams out of trouble so they might stay up.

16th: Brighton & Hove Albion

They did well last season under Chris Hughton and I feel they have strengthen really well in the squad and they will survive with the group of players which blends young players with experience as well makes the team hard to break down at times. I do rate the manager and I do like the way they play as they balanced from defensive and offensive.

15th: AFC Bournemouth

Another team who will play like Brighton is Bournemouth as they are a credit to the Premier League for being underdogs, playing nice football and they have a nice friendly vibe around there. I rate Eddie Howe and I would love if they stay up again but if they do go down I’ll feel sorry for them.

14th: Fulham

They deserved to beat us as we was terrible but I’m over it now, but they are back in the league where they belong. They have a really solid side, play good football and have an experienced manager to get the best out these players, especially Ryan Sessegnon who will find it more difficult then the Championship. If they sign Mitrovic then they will have the fire power to keep them up.

13th: Watford

I feel Watford would enjoy a good season I feel because on the one hand they can play good football and stay up or it can be they can be terrible and have a season when they go down to the championship. They sold Richarlison which is a big blow to them as they struggle in creativity but if they get the results they needed they will survive. They got good players in Deeney, Gray, Success, Deulofeu so they will perform well under Javi Garcia.

Now it’s 12th to 7th which is full of teams who will win more then they will lose but they are not good enough to get into the top 6.

12th: Southampton

Mark Hughes will have his first full season at Southampton and I feel they will do better as they have brought in decent players to strengthen the squad and I have a soft spot for Southampton as they have one of the best academies in England, they play good football and they have a brilliant set of fans that cheer the team on week in, week out. They have got fire power up front and I think they will do well this season.

11th: Leicester City

Leicester I feel they will do well this season as Claude Puel has a squad of players that can challenge top 6 sides and may finish in the Europa League spot. The one problem they have is that they have lost Mharez to Manchester City and that could hurt them but I still think have the quality to do well and they have brought in some good players to strengthen the squad for fixtures to come in the future.

10th: Everton

Marco Silva is now the boss and to be honest, no one was surprised considering he’d been linked with the job for months. He is bringing his kind of players and Everton could perform better then last season. Lucas Digne, Richarlison are good additions to the team and they have quality players which will suit to Marco Silva’s style of play.

9th: Newcastle United

Rafa is into his second season in the Premier League as Newcastle manager and he has done a fantastic job with the squad he had. Now he is bringing in players like Kenedy, Muto and potentially Rondon to build the squad to try challenge for Europe and I believe they will finish 9th. They have a manager who can handle the expectations, the players he has brought in and they have a fantastic fan base that get behind the Toon Army.

Now it’s 8th to 5th which is full of teams who will challenge for Europe to progress the club to new heights.

8th: Wolverhampton Wanderers

Won the championship with possibly the best squad Wolves has ever produced as they have a man who has shocked everyone that they have spend big money on players and they have a squad to not only stay in the Premier League but to finish in top 10 and build on from there. Wolves are a team not to take lightly as Neves can shine and other players from Portugal that do anything this season to be honest.

7th: West Ham United

West Ham have spent mega money this summer and I wont be surprised if they finish in 7th under Pellegrini. Arnautovic, and new signing Anderson will light up the Olympic Stadium. Wilshire will show his talent and will be a bargain as they bought him for free. West Ham have to challenge now after two seasons of poor and lack of progress. I think Pellegrini is the right man who can take the club forward and show what West Ham United can do.

6th: Tottenham Hotspur

Spurs have to challenge and win the trophy as soon as possible as they have players like Kane, Alli, Eriksen, Lucas Moura that are hungry to achieve in their career and I think Spurs need to challenge for trophies like the Premier League title, The FA Cup, The EFL Cup etc. I think they will finish 6th because they will have big players leaving and they won’t have the right replacements for these players and I think it will be typical Spurs.

5th: Chelsea

Conte out and Sarri come’s in and I believe it will be a different Chelsea again. Reason why is because once again the players let Conte down and then he got sacked and I believe it will happen if Sarri plays his cards right. He did really well for Napoli for a few years and he will bring a different mentality and also he plays the similar football to how Man City played so he’s up their and I believe he can achieve but I think they will finish 5th as teams above them have made signings and performed really well in pre season.

4th: Manchester United

I’m putting Man United 4th because they haven’t strengthen in the summer, Fred is a decent signing for them and he can produce quality but Mourinho is looking more and more stressed as they are linked with loads of players and not getting the deals over the line. If Man United doesn’t challenge for the league or even win a trophy this season, then Mourinho will have to get the sack for failure at one of the biggest clubs in the world.

3rd: Arsenal

Arsene Wenger out and Unai Emery in and Arsenal have invested big to address the positions in the the team for Game 1 against Man City. Emery will bring a new style of football to Arsenal with a lot of positive vibes with fans for once feeling optimistic for the season ahead. Arsenal will finish a respected 3rd but I feel they will be dark horses as they could challenge for the title to give the fans success consistently.

2nd: Manchester City

Man City and Pep will kick off the season as the defending champions after they were fantastic as they outclassed every team and win in style. The reason why I want them to finish 2nd is because apart from Manchester United but the teams like Arsenal and Chelsea have never won back to back Premier League title’s and the other reason is that I want to see a title race instead of one team to dominate the league for years and years.

1st: Liverpool

The one team that have so much potential to win trophies and play some incredible football and rip a team apart will have to be Liverpool. They have addressed the weaknesses in the team with a new GK in Allison and they have fixed up the midfield with Keita and Fabinho and they have options in attack with Mane, Firmino, Salah and new signing Shaqiri to boost their attack. Jurgen Klopp need’s a trophy at Liverpool to label him as one of the best manager’s in the business. Klopp managed to beat Bayern Munich to the Bundesliga title with Dortmund.

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