France are the World Champions!!!!

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32 Teams, 68 games played, and there was only one winner as France beat Croatia 4-2 to become World Champions for the second time since 1998.

An epic end to what’s it’s been, a fantastic World Cup full of drama, glory and passion. France who arrived in Russia as one of the favourites to win the tournament. Players such as Pogba, Greizmann, Kante, Mbappe so they have so much quality. Same with Croatia, the way they outclassed Argentina, Manage to beat teams in extra time and with Luka Modric they have a world class player to take them further.

The game starts and Croatia were the more positive side as they were causing problems for France and it almost paid off but then France had a free kick which was taken by Greizmann and the ball just loops over and it did touch Mandzukic and it was an own goal which makes it 1-0 to France. All of a sudden Croatia hit back when Perisic with an unstoppable shot to make it 1-1 and it was game on in Moscow. But then VAR pretty much ruined Croatia’s chance of winning this match a handball by Perisic and Greizmann with a cool composed finish to make 2-1 from the penalty spot.

Second half started and France kicked into second gear as they were pressing Croatia, it made 3-1 when Pogba sent Mbappe on the run and his pace is frightening and then Pogba curled a brilliant strike to make it 3-1. 4-1 was the score when the young superstar Kylian Mbappe scored a brilliant goal from 20 yards and he was recently announced as Young Player Of The Tournament which is 100% deserved. Apart from the shocker from Lloris which made it 4-2, France were the deserved winners on the day and they are gonna party like it 1998 all over again. Commiserations to Croatia who did their country proud and Modric was voted Player of the Tournament which is deserved from dragging his country to the World Cup final and it’s put them on the football map once again. As for France, they will be bringing more success in with that squad if they win the Euros or defend their World Cup title so there is hope for France.

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Before I go, I would like to say well done to England who finished 4th in the tournament. They were fantastic through the competition and they deserve so much credit. Some football fans are being negative about losing to Croatia etc and all I can say is this. England lost to Croatia in a fair game in a semi-final and your thinking “they must be good if they are in the semi-final”. Same with Sweden in the Last 8 and it’s a young squad with a lot of potential and they can challenge for greatness in the near future. So thank you England for restoring belief in the fans and making us contenders again.

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Aston Villa 18/19 Kit Revealed!!!!

It’s finally here and Aston Villa blog!!!! At the moment I’ve been blogging about the World Cup, not giving a shit what’s happening at Villa but now I can be excited about the new kits.

Well before I show you the kits, I will have to tell you who are the kit designer is as it’s not Nike, Adidas etc. It’s made my Luke 1977 who are a local clothing brand from Birmingham who design all sorts of clothing for what ever season. I did look at what they do and it you are at the age of 40 or maybe late 20s or 30s and you like golf that’s the place for you.

But now let’s look at the Home Kit, then the Away Kit and finally the goal keeper kit considering we don’t know our No 1 yet.


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We’ve had home kits in the past and we like them as they just show the colours of the club but. This is the best home I’ve seen in a long time in terms of nostalgia and the true colours of Aston Villa. I like the light and dark Claret stripes which is really nice looking and you can tell there’s not a lot of blue but they added variety which is white or blue shorts to the kit which will look great. Same with the socks as well so they really look good and also if you look closer then it does remind you of the 1983/84 home kit if I show you the picture you will be surprised.

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The white is back for Aston Villa and another comparison is the 1982 away kit that Villa won the European Cup and I can kinda see it. Claret and White always looks good and it does look nice and of course, there’s variety as Claret and White shorts to go with the shirt which is good. The only problem is that we should have a Third Kit just in case of opposition teams kits but we will see and I will get one of the kits.


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This is new as every time I do a Kit review I never do the goalkeepers but seen as we don’t know our no 1 keeper out of Steer, Bunn or Sarkic. This kit does look nice I don’t know what the away strip for goalkeepers is like but we will see who will be no 1 and hope Villa can give us a good start to the season.

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Is it coming home?

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England win and England are into the semi-finals for the first time since 1990 and will face Croatia which will be a massive game for these players.

I just notice that before the tournament that the expectation levels were low like we all thought including me that will get to the quarterfinals and that’s a victory. But under Southgate he has reunited the England fans after so many years of hate and upset, and making have hopes and dreams to win something for this country. In the game against Sweden we were very confident coming in to this game as it was the same team as it was against Colombia, Panama and Tunisia, which is great as we never really knew what our best team is over the years.

It was frustrating when Sterling had 2 clear chances and we was so annoyed and Harry Kane was being more of a supporter rather then the clinical finisher. But one Harry found the net from an Ashley Young corner and it was Maguire who heads a powerful header to make it 1-0. Sweden in the second half had a couple of chances and Pickford made brilliant saves to keep his cleansheet. Dele Alli made it 2-0 from a header to seal the victory as we advance to the semi-final.

We get Croatia who beat Russia on penalties to advance and I know they are a good team but after the last knockout games, Croatia beat Denmark and Russia on penalties and they weren’t really great and we look more positive bit it can all change in 90 mins. We can attack them as we need to make sure we are not afraid of them and we can come out as the winners and have a chance on lifting the World Cup.

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World Cup Knockout Time!!!

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The knockout stages has begun and it’s all drama of who will advance and who will go home.

Uruguay 2-1 Portugal

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Uruguay advances to the quarterfinals after a 2-1 win over Portugal. I knew this game will be a tight game as both sides are compact, they defend well and it only took 7 minutes to open the scoring. Luis Suarez with a world class cross to Cavani who met that ball perfectly and he made it 1-0. Second half started and Portugal hit back when a unmarked Pepe heads it in to make it 1-1 but Uruguay wasn’t gonna give up as Cavani wrapped his shot and curled it brilliantly past the keeper to make it 2-1. He’s been on fire recently and it’s a sight of things to come for Uruguay as they look like underdogs but they will have to check on Cavani’s injury but brilliant result for Uruguay. As for Portugal they will go home as Ronaldo may retire considering he’s 33 and the next World Cup he will be 37 so maybe it’s time to rebuild as in the future they have to defend their trophy for the Euro’s

Russia 1-1 Spain (Russia won 4-3 on Penalties)

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Russia have done the impossible as they shock the world by knocking Spain out on Penalties. I said for a while that Spain didn’t do well and they would struggle after sacking the manager, not taking key players, not having a plan B and it was going to happen at some point. They took lead from a own goal but Russia hit back after a handball from Pique which was criminal defender from somebody of his quality. The big man Dzuyba stepped up and made it 1-1 just before half time. I don’t really need to talk about the second half because Spain was as dry as burnt dried fish in a cupboard, and Russia just have to defend for their lives. It went to Penalties, and the pressure was on. Russia was brilliant when taking the penalties and Akinfeev was the hero for Russia.

France 4-3 Argentina

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It was a World Cup classic as France beat Argentina 4-3 and Mbappe send’s Messi home. It started well when Mbappe was like road runner as his pace was too much for Rojo as a penalty was awarded. Griezmann stepped up and made it 1-0. Then out of nowhere Di Maria scored an absolute thundertwat right into the top corner to make it 1-1 just before half time. Then Argentina took the lead when Messi’s shot deflects of Mercado which gave Lloris no chance. The all of a sudden Pavard who 99% of people including myself never heard of him and he has produced one of the best goals of this World Cup to bring France back into the game. Then the boy wonder Kylian Mbappe with a Thierry Henry performance as he torn Argentina apart with his first goal and then he made it 4-2 with a calm composed finish which is similar to Henry. Aguero got one back to make it 4-3 but it was too late by then. Messi will possibly retire again from Argentina after a World Cup he would want to forget but France they have the mentality of champions.

Denmark 1-1 Croatia (Croatia won 3-2 on Penalties)

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Croatia had to work hard to beat Denmark 3-2 on penalties to face Russia. It started so fast as Denmark open the scoring after a minute from Jorgensen, Then Croatia hit back with Mandzukic but after nothing else really happen. There was a decisive penalty in extra time which Modric stepped up but Schmeichel saved it to go to a penalty shootout. The shootout was so intense as both keepers were on fire but there was one winner which was Croatia as Rakitic scored the decisive penalty to send Croatia into the quarterfinals against Russia. As for Denmark Schmeichel kept his country in the game for a long time and his dad Peter and all of Denmark should be proud of what Denmark have achieved.

Brazil VS Mexico

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Brazil advance to the quarterfinals after a 2-0 win over Mexico as Neymar was key to keep his country in the World Cup. The first half was even as both teams was at each other having chance after chance. Brazil’s football was excellent with Coutinho, Nneymar, Willian doing what Brazilians do best. Second half chages when Neymar cuts in and places a back heal to Willian who squared it back to Neymar to make it 1-0. Brilliant from Brazil. I have to give credit to Mexico’s goalkeeper Ochoa who made save after save to Mexico alive in this world cup but the damage was done when Neymar again, I know we critizise his price tag and his diving but you can’t deny talent as he crossed it to Firmino so seal the victory as Brazil once again made it to the last 8.

Sweden 1-0 Switzerland

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Just to be clear there’s nothing to talk about in this game because literally nothing really shocking happen, because both teams were poor and really no importance apart from who will face England. But now we know it will be Sweden will face England in the quarterfinals.

Belguim 3-2 Japan

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Belgium went on to beat Japan 3-2 after being 2-0 down which was a astonishing comeback from Belguim. The first half we just won’t talk about because nothing really happened but as the second half kicked off that’s when the drama came alive. Japan really changed the game by being 1-0 up but 2-0 up to shock Belguim, everyone was so surprised about what has happen but then Vertonghen scored an incredible header to give Belguim a lifeline. But then Fellani who came on and completed the comeback with another header. But then one counter attack from Belguim which cam from a Japan corner, De Bruyne passes it to Meunier who squares to Lukaku who dummies it to West Brom player Nacer Chadli to break Japanese hearts. Brazil will face Belguim and that will be cracking game to watch potentially and this World Cup will get better.

Columbia 1-1 England (England won 4-3 on penalties)

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In all my years of football, I’ve never seen England win a penalty shootout and this team has the never say die attitude that we have been missing over the years. What Gareth Southgate have done with this squad of player, is that they all young, hungry to succeed,  and play attractive football. It’s all paid of, Kane on fire with 6 goals, Pickford making a world class save in this game, defenders are calm and composed and we actually won a penalty shootout. Colombia was without James Rodriguez which was a big blow as with him, Colombia would be a nightmare but it was good that he wasn’t fit to play. I don’t want to jinx it but I do think it’s coming home as I don’t really see anything wrong with England right now. As for Colombia they will go back as maybe they will rebuild and try again four years later.

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Germany are out of the World Cup!!!!

First it was France in 2002, then it was Italy in 2006, then Spain in 2014 and now it’s Germany to embarrass themselves.

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If you go back to my last blog when I explained about their defeat to Mexico that they will feel like Spain from 4 years ago and let’s be clear I was right. That win over Sweden was only lucky from the free kick from Kroos and in this game it didn’t help when Boateng was suspended. South Korea who are already out and also low rank then Serbia. Germany had players in that line-up who handles pressure and have won major trophies. Some of the players like Neuer, Hummels, Ozil who won the World Cup in Brazil and they made themselves look like laughing stocks infront of their own country.

South Korea were already out and they have to rely on Spurs forward Heung-Min-Son to give the country hope and first half, they were in the game which is surprising considering they were already out. Let’s not forget Mexico and Sweden were playing as well so all to play for. Second half started and Germany again were still slow when they started the game and we heard that Sweden were 1-0 up against Mexico who were already through to the Last 16. Then they were 2-0 up and then 3-0 and we all know Germany were going home and VAR hit Germany as Korea go 1-0 up after claims of offside but it did count and then Neuer who was walking up the pitch and one long ball up to Son who taps it into an empty net and Germany are officially out.

Now Germany needs to rebuild for the future and see what mistakes they have made and they will comeback strong.

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England Hit 6!!!| World Cup Review

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Well Well Well. This World Cup has so much drama, it’s hard to figure out what to start.

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Let’s start with England who advanced to the Last-16 after battering 6-1 against Panama.

This was a destruction from England and also it send’s out a message to many teams in this tournament. Like Harry Kane scored a hat-trick including two brilliant penalties and also John Stones popped up with two goals, which shows that everyone wants to play for each other and fight. Jesse Lingard scored a brilliant goal as well and we also created history for the opposition. Panama scored their first ever goal and the fans were celebrating like it was the winner so it was fantastic that they can go home with a bit of history to remember, as for England the confidence is maximum in the training camp, also with belief that they could beat Belguim.

Now let’s talk about Serbia who lost 2-1 to Switzerland and it was the biggest false win ever.

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It all started so well with us putting pressure on Switzerland and it all paid off when Mitrovic heads a powerful header past Sommer and it was party time if Serbia qualified. We could, should, would of been 2-0 or 3-0. But in the second half, the referee was gonna play a different game with us. Mitrovic was cuddled like a teddy bear by 2 Swiss players and no penalty was giving and to make it worse the referee had a perfect view of it and to make it even worse VAR hasn’t checked it for a certain penalty. Absolutely pathetic and then Swiss get an equaliser when Xhaka thunders it past Stojkovic and it was 1-1. More bullshit happen and then it happend when Shaqiri slots it to make it 2-1 and they won the game. But it went all a bit controversial as Xhaka and Shaqiri has been given a 2-match because of a controversial celebration when they show the Eagle of the Albanian Flag as they both of Kosovo-Albanian ethnic which is both silly and disgraceful but Serbia are still in for a fight as we can cause a shock against Brazil but we will see what happens.

Then we move on as a few people say never right off the Germans as they won 2-1 against Sweden.

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I said in the last blog about what happened with them against Mexico. I wasn’t too sure about them and it wasn’t a surprise as Sweden took a lead when Toivonen lifts the ball over Neuer. They also had a penalty but Neuer saved to save blushes. Germany did turn up in the second half when Reus made it 1-1 but it was bad when Boateng was stupid to send himself off which was stupid but in the last few minutes, the Germans wasn’t gonna give up as a free was given from a difficult angle but Toni Kroos makes it looks easy as he won it with a beautiful free kick to get Germany back on track.

More world cup drama will come soon but there’s still more to cover.

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Croatia outclassed Messi FC| Croatia 3-0 Argentina

Let’s talk about Argentina, wow. WOW!!! I’ve never seen Argentina played this bad in my lifetime, maybe since they lost to Germany 4-0 int eh quarterfinals of the 2010 World Cup.

But one world can describe Argentina after that performance, Disgraceful. Absolutely disgraceful, every player on that pitch should embarrassed and I saw so many fans who travelled from their nation, got their tickets to watch their beloved Argentina and they are now left with tears and despair. First half it was game on really so many tackles flying in and chances from both sides and Argentina’s Lionel Messi was a ghost, he did nothing in that game at all. The formation was wrong, the team was wrong and mentality is all wrong and they need to sort it out soon enough.

Second half was dominated by Croatia which I was so surprised. This is a team that has some world classed players like Messi, Dybala, Higuain and Aguero and it was Perisic, Mandzukic, Modric, Rakitic and Rebic that outclassed them which blew me away. The first goal, where shall I start maybe from the first goal when Willy Cabellero was the victim. His mistake lead to Rebic to scored an incredible volley to make it 1-0. Then second goal came when Argentina loses possession and you see players like Perez and even Messi, walking back that’s a disgrace. Modric found the space from 20 yards and scores an unbelievable goal into the bottom corner and it was a world class performance by Luka Modric.

These were his stat’s in that game:

100% take-ons completed (2/2)
100% aerial duels won (3/3)
100% tackles won (2/2)
62 touches
42 passes
3 interceptions
2 chances created
2 shots
1 goal

Absolute World class performance from him and he deserves to be mentioned a lot because he’s very underrated. The 3rd goal topped it all off when again no one was tracking back, Rakitic had his shot saved from the keeper then Kovacic squares it back to him to score an easy tap in to make it 3-0.

I look at Messi right now and I think he’s a broken man and I believe he can’t deliver for his nation in a way Maradona did back in the day. Speaking of Maradona he must be absolutely shocked about what he saw from the players and I would be the same if I was from Argentina. Messi hasn’t got the determination as he did in the last World Cup and yes we all do feel sorry for him but This is his last World Cup and I feel he’s not trying hard enough for his nation and he doesn’t want to play anymore for them. As for Croatia they are through to the knockout stages for the first time since 1998, so credit to them they were superb and Argentina, a win against Nigeria and they may have to scrap it but we will see.

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